Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can we bring our dog?

A:  We are a dog friendly Christmas tree farm and allow people to bring their dog-friendly and people-friendly dogs. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and are not allowed to run free as some people and children are afraid of dogs. Please bring a plastic bag to clean up after your dog, as we don't want other people stepping in it. Not all farms allow dogs. Follow the rules and everyone will have a fun time.

Q:  Do we need to bring our own saw?

A:  Many people bring their own saws (only hand saws allowed). However, we have hand saws you may borrow.

Q:  Who cuts the tree?

A:  Most people enjoy cutting their own tree, but if you need assistance, we have workers who will gladly cut your tree for you.

Q:  Do we need to bring rope to tie our tree onto our vehicle?

A:  You can bring rope or heavy twine. We have heavy twine available free of charge for you to use.

Q:  Do you tie trees to our vehicle?

A:  We provide limited tree tying - mostly to people who cannot tie their tree. When we are busy, there might be a longer wait to get your tree tied.

Q:  What should we do with our tree if we cannot put it up right away?

A:  As a minimum, you need to keep your tree in a cool, shady place. If you can put it in water, that is much the better. Don't bring it inside or a heated area, when you cannot put the tree in water.

Q:  What if my tree doesn't take water right away?

A:  If you bring your tree in from the outside and the tree is frozen, it may be best to use warm water to thaw out the end cut to help the tree start taking up water. Our trees and fresh cut trees are very fresh and may not take up a lot of water immediately. Most important - don't let the bottom of the tree dry out - keep the water level up in the tree stand.