Buy Local

Why Buy Local?

  1. Locally grown products are fresher, giving customers the very best value for their purchase.
  2. You support local farmers and their families’ livelihood.
  3. You are being proactive in preserving the open space local farms provide.
  4. Our tree farm has a positive impact on the environment and wildlife that habitat the open areas and forest edges.   Birds such as bluebirds and towhees perpetually nest along the borders between the open field and the woodlands.   A significant number of birds make their nests and raise their young in our Christmas trees each year.  Hawks and other birds of prey frequent the open space in search of food.  We have sighted pileated woodpeckers on our land and have seen scarlet tanagers visiting the Christmas tree field.
  5. You are keeping the economic impact and benefit within the community and state.  Every bit helps!!!
  6. Buying local products conserves energy for the buyer and the farmer.
  7. You are supporting a key element of our community, preserving the dwindling, small number of local farmers.
  8. You are preserving a nice place for you and your family to visit during the holidays.